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« Origine France Garantie » products
Brandt has been awarded the "Origine France Garantie" (Guaranteed French Origin) label by Pro France for the majority of its ovens and cookers. By providing assurances as to the origin of our products, this label offers a mark of quality and reliability for demanding consumers keen to preserve French know-how.
Class A: reduced energy consumption
All Brandt ovens, as well as our 50 cm cookers, have a Class A energy efficiency rating. Our ovens' insulation and temperature control systems guarantee real energy savings. 
Take note of the new European label, which presents the key characteristics of an appliance in the form of statistics and pictograms, allowing manufacturers like Brandt to highlight their technological advances while also helping consumers to better assess performance levels:
The "A" energy efficiency rating is based on several criteria: The oven's energy consumption during conventional and fan-assisted cooking, compared to standard energy consumption.
Energy consumption expressed in kWh per operating cycle in conventional cooking and fan-assisted cooking mode.
The usable volume, in litres, of the oven cavity.
- An asserted design : This new collection signed Brandt reveals a beautiful innovation in the design, through the research and the care of details: the noble materials of glass front on stainless steel, elegant lines and a redesigned ergonomic handle..
- New simple and intuitive interfaces :  Sensitive touch controls with control of cooking modes selected by a subtle white backlight, central knob selector, information feedback of the functions by white LED on one or two displays. The electronic programming of new Brandt ovens are clear, precise and reliable, whatever the chosen model.
- Pyrolysis is the simplest, most efficient and most economical cleaning mode. The oven cleans itself at high temperature, destroying the soiling from successive cooking operations to make the enamel cavity shine again. Brandt's Pyro Express function offers ultra-fast and economical pyrolitic cleaning. Using the residual heat from a previous cooking operation, it cleans the cavity in 59 minutes flat, using 50% less energy than other pyrolitic technology.
- Brandt's catalytic oven, which cleans itself continually, is made up of three walls covered with a special catalytic enamel, which gives its self-degreasing qualities. As soon as any soiling appears, it is spread out over the microporous contact surface. It is immediately oxidised on both surfaces and gradually disappears. If you cook only occasionally and your recipes do not contain much sugar, this cleaning mode is perfect for you.
The advantages of fan-assisted cooking
The circular element around the fan distributes the heat evenly throughout the oven cavity. This means you can cook different dishes simultaneously on the three shelves, without any mixing of odours, while keeping the texture of each dish.
Assisted Cooking: the perfect teammate
Brandt's Assisted Cooking ovens make sure every dish you make is a success by recommending the ideal temperature for each cooking mode.
Ingenious accessories
Brandt ovens are fully equipped to meet all your needs, with a sword spit, extra-large drip tray and anti-tip racks all perfectly integrated in the enamel-coated cavity. The cavity is heat-insulated to limit energy losses and the temperature of the outer walls.